Harry Potter – is he a verified spell caster

  When we think about magic and when we talk about magic, the one thing that comes in our mind is about Harry Potter, yes the series of stories written by non-other than J.K. Rowling also known as Joanne Rowling. Harry Potter is a series of stories rather fantasy stories which shows all kind of magic, the good part of magic and the bad part of magic, it also shows different kind of mystical creatures and witches along with spell casters. In all the friction series we see many people casting spells for the good and for the bad reasons as described.

The central character around which all the story revolves is of a young boy named harry potter who once of age, is taken to a mystical school of Hogwarts were he learns all kinds of magic and love spells and how to cast them. Now the reason why this character comes into our mind is due ot the extensive elaboration of spells and magic in all the series being written, but again the question is Harry Potter a verified spell caster.

Well the answer is very simple my friends, yes harry is a verified spell caster and to top it he is a witch as well, born in the family of professional spell caster and inheriting the powers from both his father and mom. The reason why we call harry a verified spell caster is because we have read about him in detail and also seen the movie where we see that he is performing spells that works, that too very quickly.

But friends since harry potter is just an imagination hence even after being a verified spell caster he is of no use in the real world, but the fact is when we search for a real verified spell caster then we surely keep Harry’s figure in mind and try to find out the real harry potter who can cast free love spells and help us from all evils.


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